The Outcat Show is a podcast of captivating dialogue with melodic jazz piano lines to match. The Outcat Show is a perfect mix of poetry, piano jazz, and issues of social justice. You’ll never be alone when you listen to The Outcat Show.

New Podcast 8/3/2015 – The Outcat Paul Knopf is back! Not only do we have new podcast exclusive to this site, we are now on youtube, please subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channel here:

In this podcast The Outcat Paul Knopf gets poetic, here’s how he does it:

First Poem:
The artist caught in this world of entertainment and culture: Press agents, fund raising and such.
The artist chooses to follow his heart and his soul.

Second Poem:
The artist seeks solace in the promises of astrology and alchemy, and seeks to escape the cold worlds of
business and technology; the heat of his passion sets the city on fire. He chases his muse through the forest
of enchantment and love.

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