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On this episode of the Outcat Show Paul Knopf reads a series of poems about his time in the United States Army during World War Two. These are the solider poems of Paul Knopf.

His time as a soldier during World War 2 is an experience that is cemented in his mind. Through poetry he expresses himself through poetic words to recollect his thoughts on being a soldier.

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Pressed Flowers (Piano Solo):

Jazz You Can Feel Volume One:

Jazz You Can Feel Volume 2:

Paul Knops is featured in this movie, Bohemia The Life of a New York City Poet, here:

All of the Outcat Episodes have a national public radio, PBS kind of sound to it. It’s a great poem with some awesome jazz piano music. Some people call it Jazz-o-etry, to mean Jazz music and poetry. Paul does podcast on a monthly basis, sometimes Paul Knopf posts more. Please make sure you download Paul Knopf’s new song Pressed Flowers by Paul Knopf. It is a piano solo jazz love song. It is a great song to play when you are in the heat of passion with a partner.  You can download his song on cdbaby for($0.43) forty three cents. Or you can download it on Itunes for $0.99. It is probably the best piano jazz solo you will ever hear.