A podcast about the Strange World of Religion.

Religion and spirituality are two different entities. In this podcast we tackle this hot bed of an issue. This concept has been plastered all over the news.

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Paul Knopf is ready to give his wisdom to you. He is breaking down the strange world of religion for us. It can be very controlling. The church can scare you in to the things that you do not want to do. The next thing you know you are spending money you can not afford.

However, it has helped people all over the world. Churches all over the world have done the greatest act of humanity in history. The extreme planet that all religions live on. Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Jewish there are radicals in every religion. The fundamentalist  really mess it up for people who try to do what is right on earth.

People have been killed innocently because of this. Wars and oppression have been implemented to the masses. There has been too much killing and wars over this. Can this strange world  be to our detriment? The answer is, yes it possibly can. In the radical element, can the value of a human being be devalued? The answer is yes. The disregard for one person over the other for the simple issue of a mere belief is extremley outrageous.

The Outcat Paul Knopf uses examples of the religious strife in Ireland. The problems in Ireland are about religion but it is between denominations of Christianity.  He also talks about the Hindu Muslim War in Asia.  The philosophy and solution is in this podcast. Press play above to listen this awesome show.

Paul Knopf is a great poet and piano jazz composer, buy his music on the top page.