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A soldier’s poem. Poetry of a soldier at war.

Being a soldier in the army is very rough. It does not matter what time era it is. If there is a war, a soldier will feel pain. What is the best way for a soldier to express their pain? It is through creativity. Some people get creative through the expression of word and sound.

Paul Knopf reads a poem about his time as a soldier in World War Two (WWII). Under this poem is his piano jazz music.

He uses both of his gifts as a jazz composer and a poet to emote the feelings he has while he was a soldier in World War 2.

Listen to the podcast here:

Download his music here:

Pressed Flowers (Piano Solo):

Jazz You Can Feel Volume One:

Jazz You Can Feel Volume 2:

Paul Knops is featured in this movie, Bohemia The Life of a New York City Poet, here:

All of the Outcat Episodes have a national public radio, PBS kind of sound to it. It’s a great poem with some awesome jazz piano music. Some people call it Jazz-o-etry, to mean Jazz music and poetry. Please make sure you download Paul Knopf’s new song Pressed Flowers by Paul Knopf. It is a piano solo jazz love song. Paul Knopf also has two digital EPs available for download or streaming titled: Jazz You Can Feel Volume One and Jazz You Can Feel Volume 2.