A World War Two poem. A man’s story about World War Two in poetry recorded on a podcast.

World War Two is better put to a poem. In this podcast Paul Knopf reads a poem about his memories of World War two. The poem touches on his experience in the European Theater of Operations as an infantry rifleman. As a soldier during World War Two Paul Knopf was very affected by his experience. The only way Paul Knopf deals with his time as an Infantry Rifleman during World War Two is to write about it. Paul Knopf had mentioned that in a documentary called Bohemia The Life of a New York City Poet. When someone puts their life to a poem about anything it is spectacular. itunes podcast GRAPHICWhen the poem is about war, every stanza paints the picture. Enjoy this poem about world war two. It is played over piano jazz. Paul Knopf plays improve solo piano over his readings. It is the second segment of the podcast.

In this episode of the Outcat Show Podcast, Paul Knopf talks about his vacation to Maine with a comical demanor. From there, he goes in to a meditative poem that discusses his metaphysical birth purpose and other stuff.