poem about bad luckA poem about bad luck read by Paul Knopf on the Outcat Show Podcast.

This poem about bad luck is something we can all relate to. Here’s a line from the poem Fortune Feed my Belly on the Outcat Show:

Fortune, fortune feed my belly. Don’t stop, don’t stop at your will, what are my chances? I search the stars….curse you when my lucks runs out, call you a stingy bitch…..


If you are down on your luck you can relate to this.

Whether you lost your job and are now unemployed or you just went through a break up of your girlfriend or your boyfriend. I think we all want things to go our way, it can be a job, it can be love, it can be money, it can be family, but we always want things to go our way. That why the above indirect lines from Paul Knopf’s poem on the Outcat Show Podcast is so meaningful: “Fortune feed my belly! Curse you when my luck runs out!” Like always, The Outcat Paul Knopf plays his piano jazz while talking to us or reading his poetry.  The music that accompanies Paul under his poetry, philosophy, reasoning and talk is a solo piano.

All of the Outcat Episodes have a national public radio sound to it. It’s a great poem under some awesome jazz piano music. Some people call it Jazz-o-etry, to mean Jazz music and poetry. Please make sure you download Paul Knopf’s new song Pressed Flowers. It is a piano solo jazz love song. It is a great song to play when you are in the heat of passion with a partner.  You can download his song on cdbaby for forty three cents. Or please download it on Itunes for $0.99. It is the best piano jazz solo you will ever hear.