May 2014 – This episode of the Outcat Show is intense.

itunes podcast GRAPHICWe start off with a story of a prisoner named Hector put to words and Jazz. After that, The Outcat Paul Knopf talks about a murder that occurred in the West Village, New York, in his building.

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The podcast is dialogue and poetry spoken by Paul Knopf, accompanied by piano jazz music. The piano solo is played by Paul Knopf.

The poem about Hector in the podcast is interesting. Hector was a prisoner is the Green Haven State Prison. When Paul would do his piano ministry in the prison he met Hector.

Paul became very close to the prisoners, especially with Hector. During Paul’s time there, Hector became ill and died. It was something Paul was not ready for. It troubled him to know that one day you are there and then you are gone. In an epiphany Paul felt that through death the prisoner became free. Unfortunately for Hector, with his situation that was the only way.

The second part of this podcast was about a murder that happen in the building where Paul lives in the West Village of Manhattan. When you hear his piano solo over his dialogue it almost sounds like a murder mystery. Similar to a game of clue.

The Outcat Show podcast is a really cool sounding NPR style of a show. Its Jonathan Swartz meets the moth radio hour. The podcast includes poetry over piano jazz. The podcast also includes great dialogue as well.

If you are a looking for a podcast that has poetry readings and piano jazz listen to the Outcat Show with Paul Knopf. The Outcat Show is specifically centered on poetry readings and piano jazz.