global warming discussion

Global Warming Discussion: The hard topic

A global warming discussion is featured on this episode. This Outcat Show podcast is about global warming and the effects it has on us as humans as well as the effect climate change has on the planet. In this podcast we address what we should do about it.

Global warming is always in the news in some form or the other. If we are not being warned about global warming we are seeing the effects it has the planet.

Climate change is ruining our food. The drastic changes in climate are affecting peoples moods, causing them to do irrational things. Have you every wondered why our food supply is scarce sometimes? How about why there are so many droughts or a lot of floods? The answer is that global warming plays a heavy role on the burden it leaves us on Earth.

The solution seems to be simple: lets cooperate and work together. This podcast is philosophical and intellectual.

The point of view from this discussion recorded is being delivered by a unique individual. Paul Knopf has been around the block a few times. At ninety years old, Paul has experienced life and a lot of it. His wisdom pretty credible.

Like usual the jazz man The Outcat Paul Knopf plays his piano and swings his reasoning which ends up being a great and interesting podcast on a real hot topic. Enjoy!