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Free Documentary. This is an audio documentary that you can listen to for free.

Nine Lives Lived: The story of the Outcat Paul Knopf is a podcast series of The Outcat Show. It was originally supposed to be the audio for a documentary film about Paul with the same title. Instead, we decided to deliver this interesting story of a traveling piano jazz musician. It is free to listen to.

It’s a three part audio documentary SERIES right here on, LISTEN TO EACH ONE !

In Part 1, Paul talks about growing up in the mean streets of the Bronx in the 1930’s. In his area of the Bronx it was gang infested. The New York City street scene was different back then. It was a dangerous atmosphere but Paul persevered.  Growing up, Paul spends talks about his time in the army in World War Two. After that Paul talks about the start of his jazz career that spans decades starting from the 1950’s.


In Part 2 he talks in-depth about running the streets as a gigging musician as well as all of his ups and downs. Paul’s life is in full bloom. He starts his recording career and lives the wild times of a traveling jazz musician.


In Part 3, Paul Knopf talks about his career as a musical director for various churches in Manhattan as well as his duel with alcohol. The take of Rock and Roll music left Jazz music and musicians like Paul with a black eye. Not being able to get a gig due to a loss of popularity due to Rock music, Paul retreated to the Manhattan church scene as a director. However, these times also started to get troubling as he fell in to alcoholism which he later overcame.