About Sharon Preston Folta? The alleged daughter of Miles Davis

Sharon Preston Folta: Who is she? This question is one that begs an answer.  by Michelle Inherst Sharon Preston Folta, an advertising executive, was born June 24, 1955 in Harlem, New York City, to Vaudeville dancer Lucille ‘Sweets’ Preston. Sharon’s mother was part of a dance team that opened for more famous performers in the […]

Is Keith Jarrett really Arrogant? Or is there another reason for his attitude?

Is Keith Jarrett really Arrogant? by: Michelle Inherst  “Keith Jarrett is an American pianist and composer known for his wild and melodic improvisational jazz performances.” (A & E Television Networks/ The Biography. Com Website) He introduced a new appreciation of the solo jazz performance in concert. In doing so, Jarrett, as a pianist, put a […]

Paul Knopf: Piano Jazz Artist from New York City – Jazz Local Legend

During the 1950’s to the early 1960’s “the outcat,” Paul Knopf had a promising career in the Jazz circuit as a performing pianist with album releases, and rave reviews by Leonard Feather in playboy as well as a write up in Down Beat Magazine. He also performed as a feature on a CBS radio broadcast […]

Ella Fitzgerald Biography Summary – The First Lady of Song

  Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996)“The First Lady of Song” by :Michelle Inherst Ella Fitzgerald was a legendary, American jazz singer who represented much of the Great American Songbook with her remarkably broad, 3- octave vocal range. Her ability to make full use of her voice and her gift of singing notes in tune earned Ella Fitzgerald […]

Who is Louis Armstrong? The all you need to know about a Jazz Legend.

Louis Armstrong (1901-1971): Trumpeter,Bandleader, Singer, Soloist, Comedian, Filmstar By:  Michelle Inherst    “Star Dust”. “La Vie en Rose”. “What a Wonderful World”. These songs bring to mind one of the most influential musical artists in jazz music: Louis Armstrong.      Born August 4, 1901 in a poor section of New Orleans, a section of town […]

What is Jazz Music? What is the History of Jazz

What Is Jazz? A History of Jazz Music: Its’ Roots and How it Got its Start in America by Michelle Inherst      Jazz music is a versatile and improvisational form of music.  It was primarily developed by African-Americans in the South. The influence of Jazz came from the infusion of European harmonic structure and African rhythms […]

Poem about bad luck- Piano Jazz & Poetry reading

A poem about bad luck read by Paul Knopf on the Outcat Show Podcast. This poem about bad luck is something we can all relate to. Here’s a line from the poem Fortune Feed my Belly on the Outcat Show: Fortune, fortune feed my belly. Don’t stop, don’t stop at your will, what are my chances? […]

Free Documentary – Nine Lives Lived: Story of the Outcat Paul Knopf- Free

Free Documentary. This is an audio documentary that you can listen to for free. Nine Lives Lived: The story of the Outcat Paul Knopf is a podcast series of The Outcat Show. It was originally supposed to be the audio for a documentary film about Paul with the same title. Instead, we decided to deliver […]

Global Warming Discussion

Global Warming Discussion: The hard topic A global warming discussion is featured on this episode. This Outcat Show podcast is about global warming and the effects it has on us as humans as well as the effect climate change has on the planet. In this podcast we address what we should do about it. Global […]

Religion and the strange world thereof – The Outcat Show Podcast – Jazz Music and Dialogue

A podcast about the Strange World of Religion. Religion and spirituality are two different entities. In this podcast we tackle this hot bed of an issue. This concept has been plastered all over the news. Press play to listen below: Paul Knopf is ready to give his wisdom to you. He is breaking down the […]

Over The Road Man! The Outcat Show

The Outcat Show is a podcast of captivating dialogue with melodic jazz piano lines to match. The Outcat Show is a perfect mix of poetry, piano jazz, and issues of social justice. You’ll never be alone when you listen to The Outcat Show. New Podcast 10/6/15: This podcast is all about poetry and piano jazz. Check out […]