Jazz song about the war

Jazz Song About the war.

Strontium 90 – A piano jazz and chamber song.

A Jazz song about the war is hard to find. However, you just found it.

The instrumental jazz song is the best to express feeling. The feeling of a soldier at war is uniquely described through the piano keys of Paul Knopf. His song Strontium 90 is a jazz song about the war.

As a soldier you never know when you are coming home.

You never know if you will make it home at all. War is never an option you rush to. Signing up for the Army during wartime is a decision that comes with consequence. It is also a decision that creates bundled up feelings. This is song was inspired by a soldiers time in the Army during World War two.

Strontium 90 is an instrumental piano jazz chamber infused musical composition.

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